IT delivery model that excels performance.

Near shore is an outsourcing form that refers to services delivered from an adjacent or nearby location.

Frequently used between US and Mexico companies.

The resources are managed by the customer from US or LATAM locations; with local supervision


  • Mexico’s time zone is almost the same with USA.
  • Resources in Mexico can work at the same business hours or accommodate the shifts to start before or after the customer office hours.
  • Full week availability and productivity compared against off-shore resources. You can lose weeks of productivity every year compared to Asia/India resources!
  • Experience with follow the sun teams (US, Mexico and India 24/7).
  • Travel time and expenses for knowledge transfer, training or critic deployments on site are cheaper.
  • Telecommunications and calls are cost effective and better quality (less latency).
  • Same or better off-shore delivery quality.