Business intelligence, Business Intelligence, consists in making the data information of value and knowledge. Decision making must be based on the processing of data to obtain what is known as structured data.

Tesys 21 shares the trends for this 2018
Visualization and data discovery: on the one hand, there will be an increase in the demand for business intelligence tools that allow access to more powerful graphics and more advanced creative capabilities, and, on the other hand, a transition from the discovery of data we knew to now towards the Governed Data Discovery. More agility that is complemented with greater reliability and integrity of information.

BI self-service: finally achieve the democratization of knowledge that had been announced for months. Business intelligence tools that are easier to use and, at the same time, more powerful than ever, faster and with greater analytical capabilities. As a novelty, the increase in information sharing options, guaranteeing the necessary supervision to ensure results based on a single vision.

Data quality management: investment in data quality is another trend, since, in the year that begins, it will be used mainly for its management.

Government of the data: strengthen the function of government and give it the importance it deserves for an adequate management of corporate information assets will keep companies busy in 2018.

Boosting analytical and predictive capabilities: it is already possible to analyze even the largest data sets using SQL-based technology. This allows organizations to take advantage of Hadoop’s ability to execute analyzes directly in the clusters, improving flexibility and speed in their queries.